Health and Safety Concerns

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Understanding Health Risks

Safer insights on anal sex risks: Empowering informed decisions for a healthier experience

Safer Choices

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Navigating Risks

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What are the risks associated with anal play and penetrative sex?

Anal fissures

Anal fissures or tiny tears are more likely to occur on the delicate anus skin. Fissures that are small but deep can cause extreme pain and bright, red bleeding following anal play or a stool movement.

Anal fissures heal by themselves in a matter of weeks. A break from anal games can speed up the healing process. Consider using a stool-softener in order to avoid hard poop irritating the fissure.


Anal play increases the risk of contracting a sexually transmissible infection (STI).

Anal fissures can allow STIs to enter the body via vaginal or aural secretions, blood, or semen.

Similarly, anal secretions and blood from the recipient can be transmitted to the person who performs oro-anal or penetrative or oral anal sex.

The contact could also lead to other infections like urinary track infections (UTIs),, or gastro-intestinal illnesses depending on what kind of contact was made.

Colon perforation

Colon Perforation can happen, although it is rare. If you have abdominal pain or heavy or prolonged rectal bleeding after anal penetration by a penis or another object, go to your nearest emergency room.

How can you reduce the risk of infection or injury during anal sex

Cut your nails: Anal Fingering can be a good way to start, but clean, trim nails must also be present. Unkempted nails can cause the skin to tear and spread bacteria.

After anal play, wash your hands and under the nails to remove any sharp edges. Be sure to do the same for your partner.

Consider an enema

If you are worried that the poo might affect your enjoyment, then consider using an -enema. The rectum is cleaned by using an enema.

Use a dark sheet or towel to keep any messes discrete off your sheets…or hardwood.

Use a barrier method such as a condom

Using a barrier, whether it’s a Condom or Finger cot, Dental Dam or Other Method, greatly reduces STI risk.

Use a new barrier if you switch from anal play to oral or vaginal play. It’s the same when switching partners.

Reapply lubricant often

The thicker silicone lube is preferred for anal lubrication, but water-based or hybrid lubricants work too. Both can be used with latex barriers and condoms.

Keep in mind that silicone-containing lubricants can cause silicone sex toy degradation, so be careful when selecting. Oil-based Lubes are great for anal but not condoms.

Position yourself

Doggy Style is a staple of anal sex, particularly for partnered play. Easy access means easy access.

The reverse missionary position is also popular, although standard missionary may work. You can adjust the entry point by using a wedge or pillow.

Slow down

Allow yourself to become aroused in order to relax your muscles and prepare you for fun You can help by: